How to get the Google Drive links?

Published Date: 16 October, 2021 - 04:04 PM

Hi guys,

As you know that to get to Google Drive links, you need to go to a link (which contains ads) and then you need to wait like 5~10 seconds to get the Google Drive link. (Alternatively, you can use Youtube-Alts)

We're not making much from that, just a bit to keep TokuFun Free up and running!

We know that it's a bit annoying but please understand. You have 3 options: Link

You would see something like this

Following this guide to get the Google Drive link

First you will see this


Second you will see this, wait a bit


Lastly, wait a bit until the "Please wait" button change


Then you will get the Google Drive Links

Ouo Link

Click that, if there is captcha then solve it and you will get the Google Link


Note: if you see a popup open with another link, you can ignore it.

Many thanks guys!

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