Ultraman Geed Full Series Movies English Sub

Published Date: 20 July, 2021 - 05:10 PM

Ultraman Geed Full Series Movies English Sub

Ultraman Geed Full Series Movies English Sub - TokuFun

Ultraman Geed (ウルトラマンジード Ultraman Jīdo) is the 27th entry of Tsuburaya Productions' Ultraman Series.[1]


After escaping from the raid of giant monster Skull Gomora, Riku Asakura and his partner Pega stumble upon a secret base 500 m underground. Given the Geed Riser and Ultra Capsules by operating system RE.M., he transforms into Ultraman Geed and becomes a hero named Ultraman Geed.

While fighting Skull Gomora, the townspeople are well aware of Geed's similarity to Belial. Under the impession of being Ultraman Belial's son, Riku came across the monster hunter Laiha Toba, AIB agent Moa Aizaki and office worker Leito Igaguri that bonded with Ultraman Zero. Through these encounters, Riku resolves to fight against the fate imposed onto his genetics. Standing in front of Riku is a man with the Kaiju Capsules - Kei Fukuide. The monster Skull Gomora is in fact Kei's Fusion Rise. During the fight with Kei, the secret behind Riku's birth and Belial's grand plan will gradually come to light.

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