Jikuu Senshi Spielvan Full Series English Sub

Published Date: 25 September, 2021 - 05:06 PM

Jikuu Senshi Spielvan Full Series English Sub

Jikuu Senshi Spielvan Full Series English Sub - TokuFun

Jikuu Senshi Spielban (時空戦士スピルバン Jikū Senshi Supiruban?, Dimensional Warrior Spielban) is a Japanese tokusatsu television series, part of the Metal Hero Series created by Toei Co. Ltd. from April 7, 1986 to March 9, 1987. Spielban's action footage was used for the battle scenes in VR Troopers.

For distribution purposes, Toei refers to this television series as Spielvan.

In Brazil, this show was dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese and it was marketed as Jaspion 2: Spielvan, which serves as a sequel to Juspion.


The Waller Empire destroys the planet Clin in search of water for its deity. Two Clinian children, Spielban and Diana, escape to Earth aboard the Grand Nasca. The two grow up during the long journey and don High Tech Crystal Suits to defeat the Waller who have come to Earth in search of more water. Spielban must avenge his dead mother Anna and his homeworld, and find his missing father Ben and older sister Helen. Unknown to Spielban at the start of the series his father and sister have been made members of the Waller against their will.

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