SkyRider Full Series Episodes English Sub

Published Date: 29 December, 2021 - 08:46 PM

SkyRider Full Series Episodes English Sub

SkyRider Full Series Episodes English Sub - TokuFun

Kamen Rider (仮面ライダー, Kamen Raidā, Masked Rider) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama that serves as the sixth installment of the Showa Era of the Kamen Rider Series. A joint production between Toei Company and Ishimori Productions, it aired from October 5, 1979 to October 10, 1980 on TBS for 54 episodes.

The series was intended to reboot its original namesake Kamen Rider, revisiting the basic and essential themes established in it as opposed to the more complex and unique ones found in Kamen Rider Amazon and Kamen Rider Stronger. The show is often referred to as The New Kamen Rider (新しい仮面ライダー, Atarashī Kamen Raidā, New Masked Rider) or Skyrider (スカイライダー, Sukairaidā) (after the main character) in order to distinguish it from the original. The show is called Kamen Rider Shin in Japan.


Doctor Keitarō Shido, an acclaimed scientist, has been kidnapped by the terrorist organization Neo Shocker in order to exploit his expertise in robotics technology. Desperate to escape, he convinces Neo Shocker command to allow him to operate on an injured camper. Explaining that he can turn the camper, Hiroshi Tsukuba into a powerful Neo Shocker warrior, they allow Doctor Shido to operate. However, he quickly turns the tables on them, transforming Hiroshi not into an evil monster, but into the powerful warrior Skyrider, using his new found abilities to combat the evil Neo Shocker menace.

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